Earls Terrace is our biggest and most expensive job to date, we are delighted to of achieved this superior contract as it was 25 houses with extensive mouldings to match existing to every hallway, room, swimming pool. The moulding included were columns, cornice, barrel ceilings, dome ceilings, arches, exterior mouldings and bullnose arch mouldings.

We completed:

  • 10 swimming pools
  • 10 cinema rooms
  • 5 gyms 
  • 130 bedrooms
  • 50 studies
  • 50 living rooms
  • 25 kitchens
  • 100 bathrooms
  • 25 utility rooms
  • 200 common areas

These properties are owned by some of the worlds most rich and famous people and with a property value of £25,000,000 to £40,000,000 per property. This project 12 month to complete and these properties were up for numerous awards.

Contractor: Charter Construction PLC
Client: Northacre Property Developers